Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an ad?

To place an ad, please create an account and/or login, then click "SELL" in the top link bar. Proceed through the steps for placing the ad.

By registering you will choose a username and password you can remember and retrieve. Please click this link (or login above), and fill in the registration information. You will then be sent a confirmation email to the address you supplied in registration. You can then click "place an ad" and start filling out the forms.

How do I edit my ad after I've listed it?

Log in (top right). This will bring you to your "my account" control panel. Now, click on "view my active listings." Find the listing you want to correct and click Manage Listing. Then hover over the piece of paper and pencil icon and click it. You can now edit your listing, change the photo or even add a photo.

How do I add a photo to my listing after I've already posted it?

Follow the steps listed in the question above. Editing your listing will give you the opportunity to add a photo or change a photo as well as make other changes to your listing. If you have any trouble, please email your pictures with your ad ID and we can help.

When do I pay?

After you register and proceed to place your first listing, you will be prompted for your payment. We accept credit card, cheques, money order, cash and electronic bank transfer. All ads go online once payment has been received. The quickest way to get your ad online is by credit card. If you are not comfortable paying online but want to pay by credit card check of cash or cheque and give us a call toll free 1-866-706-5652

How much does it cost to place an ad?

There are 3 ad packages. See the pricing page for complete details.

How do I upload pictures?

To "upload" an image from your computer during the Place an Ad process, use the "Browse" button on the image upload area to simply browse to the folder on your hard drive or external drive. Once you've located the image, just double click on it and the path will be filled in automatically. You can do this 4 times per listing with, once for each image in your ad. If you are on dial up I suggest you upload one at a time or resize the images smaller. If you are uploaded direct from a scanner or digital camera the files will be large and take a while if they have not been resized. If you have any trouble uploading, don't hesitate to email the pictures.

Is it safe to pay online?

Yes. It is very safe. All payments to RodeoClassifieds are made through PayPal and are secured through payment gateway system.

Do I have to be a member of PayPal to pay by credit card?

No. You do not have to be a member of PayPal to send us your payment. Look for the link where is says something like "not a member? click here"

Will my personal information (name, address, email) be shared or sold to 3rd party companies?

At no time will RodeoClassifieds sell your information for any reason.

How do I purchase an animal or service?

You will contact the member who placed the listing and work out the details between the 2 parties. You may contact them via email, phone, snail mail, or what ever option they state in their listing. RodeoClassifieds is not involved in the communications between sellers and buyers.

I cannot remember my user name and/or password?

Click the Login link in the red bar at the top of any page, then click the "Forgot Password?" link. Or Click here. Your information will be emailed to you immediately, check junk mail. If you can't find it, email us and we will reset your pw.

What name will show on my credit card statement?

Your credit card should read: PayPal RodeoClassifieds or something similar.

I would like to change my username, how do I do that?

In order to change your username you must contact administration. Email us with your current username and the name you would like to be displayed with your ad.

I can't see my whole ad and there is no price listed...?

Click on either the picture or the ad title it will take you to a new page where you will see more ad details. Every ad has its own page.

If you still have unanswered questions, email us!